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Radio Controlled Electronic Switchers
Available in 2-way and 4-way versions
All Units
Standard radio control servo signal input
All electronic, no servo required
Controls up to 4 functions from 1 receiver channel
Selectable lost signal mode
Standard mode all relays off
Submarine mode one relay on
Adjustable neutral to balance the switch positions about the stick centre
Plugs straight into the receiver with the standard lead and connector supplied
Miniature screw terminal blocks for the relay connectors


2 Channel Type 48B-2W 4 Channel Type 48B-4W
2 change over relays rated at  10 amp. 4 change over relays rated at 3 amp.


Our electronic switchers are designed for use in models where it is necessary to control more than the basic functions of speed and direction. A switcher plugs the standard servo output of a receiver and converts the proportional signal to a number of switch output channels. Two versions are available, a four channel unit (type 48B-4W) and a two channel unit (type 48B-2W) with increased current rating.
Each channel provides a set of relay contacts with both normally 'on' and normally 'off' contacts. Figure 1 shows how the stick position corresponds to the relay operation. These switchers can be used to control lights, sound effects, small motors or virtually any electrical device within the current rating of the relay. Switcher Diagram
The relays operate sequentially with only one relay energised at any time. However, the change over contacts can be connected to give concurrent operation of the second load (load B, then load A + B together). The change over contacts also allow 2 channels to be connected to a single motor to give forward, stop and reverse control.