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Radio Control Speed Controllers

General Purpose 12 Amp. forward and reverse controllers
Type FR12X £28.95
Type FR12VR £31.35
High Power 15 Amp. forward and reverse controllers
Type FR15HX  £32.30
Type FR15HVR £34.90
Heavy Duty 30 Amp. forward and reverse controller
Type FR30HX  £43.65
Heavy Duty 40 Amp. forward only controller
Type FF40HX  £41.85
Model Railway Controllers
Type FR8T-PS £36.60
Type FR8T-SH £36.60
Type FR8T-AM £36.60
Type FR15TVR  £39.75
Radio Control Switchers

We regret that swichers are not currently available.

2-way unit, 10 Amp. relays
Type 48B-2W D.I.Y. parts kit  
Type 48B-2W ready to fit  
4-way unit, 3 Amp. relays
Type 48B-4W D.I.Y. parts kit  
Type 48B-4W ready to fit  
Type 545-46 Not available  
Type 543-24 Low drain, high power £17.45
Type 545-12 Low drain, medium power £17.45
Type 360-14 Low drain, low power £5.15
0 to 20 Amp. range


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