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We regret that you cannot pay for your order online at the present time and we apologise for the inconvenience. However, you can still place your order details on the following pages. Then phone us with your card details and we will process your order as a telephone order. This is necessary because the Americans want to impose their rules on U.K. businesses, in our case via the American owned bank that processes our card payments (used to be Alliance and Leicester Merchant Services - I didn’t choose an American bank).

If you want to know more please read on, otherwise just go down the page and place your order.

Our website is not “PCI compliant”! PCI being an organisation know as the Payment Card Industry and apparently the main objection to our site is that we don’t have a block of lawyer’s garbage otherwise known as Terms and Conditions. Oh, and we have to have a button for our customers to click (at which point the money will leave you account) to confirm that they have actually read the T & Cs and accept them. As a U.K. business we are automatically governed by Act of Parliament in the form of the Sale Of Goods Act, the Distance Selling Regulations and the E-Commerce Regulations. We don’t need T & Cs on our website, in fact they must by law include a statement to the effect that they “do not affect the customers legal rights”. Have you ever seen a high street shop display their T & C's and ask you to sign on the dotted line before they take your money or card? I’ll start making rude comments about layers if I carry on.

I don’t think the majority of our customers want to waste their time reading a lot of garbage on every site they want to buy from any more than I do. I gave up reading it long ago, happy in the knowledge that if it gets far out of line with the Sale Of Goods Act it can’t be enforced anyway.

So please, fill in your order details on line as normal and click the “pay by cheque” button to save and send your order. Then just give us a call with you card details and we can complete the process manually.

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To place an order online simply click on the 'Add to Basket' button next to the unit(s) you require. You will then be taken to a secure shopping cart where you can confirm the quantity you require and enter your name and address details. Click the “pay by cheque” button to save and send your order. Then just give us a call on 0121 3087411 with you card details and we will complete the process manually. If you are outside the U.K. and use Skype  search for electronize1.

Please note, your card will not be charged until your order is ready to be packed and despatched.

Radio Control Speed Controllers

General Purpose 12 Amp. forward and reverse controllers
Type FR12X Controller £28.95
Type FR12VR Controller £31.35
High Power 15 Amp. forward and reverse controllers
Type FR15HX Controller £32.30
Type FR15HVR Controller £34.90
Heavy Duty 30 Amp. forward and reverse controller
Type FR30HX Controller £43.65
Heavy Duty 40 Amp. forward only controller
Type FF40HX Controller £41.85
Model Railway controllers
Type FR8T-PS Controller £36.60
Type FR8T-SH Controller £36.60
Type FR8T-AM Controller £36.60
Type FR15TVR Controller £39.75
Radio Control Switchers
We regret that swichers are not currently available.
2-way unit, 10 Amp. relays
Type 48B-2W D.I.Y. parts kit  
Type 48B-2W ready to fit  
4-way unit, 3 Amp. relays
Type 48B-4W D.I.Y. parts kit  
Type 48B-4W ready to fit  
Type 545-46 High speed, 6V  
Type 543-24 Medium speed, 6 to 12V £17.45
Type 543-12 Very low drain, 6 to 12V £17.45
Type 365-14 Very  low drain, 6 to 12V £5.15
0 to 20 Amp. range


Please Note: Our prices include post and packing on orders to all E.U. countries.
For countries outside the E.U. the same prices apply and cover all additional postage costs.
You pay no additional postage for delivery to any country in the world but payment must be in (£) Sterling.